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1. Introduction - This section governs the use of this Site; by using this Site you express your consent to the "Disclaimer". If you do not agree with any of the “Disclaimer” clauses, do not use this Site. 2. All statements and examples on this site regarding the increase, the receipt of income or profits, already posted or to be posted on this Site - just assumptions about the upcoming or current earnings, income, therefore, are not a guarantee of their receipt. If you consider guaranteed profits or an increase in forthcoming income, then also assume all risks of non-receipt. 3. If this Site indicates a specific amount of earnings from a person or persons who are engaged in business, this does not guarantee you personally the same income when organizing a similar business. You accept as a fact that you may not receive such amounts of earnings. 4. All questions posted on this Site and related to generating income and profits cannot be equated to average earnings. 5. There is also no guarantee that anyone's experience with business, earnings or income can be used as an indication to action that can produce the desired financial results. 7. Amounts of income in their cash equivalent are associated with a number of different factors. We do not give instructions and any information about your future activities and financial success, just as we do not dispose of your personality, data, business skills, ethical standards of conduct, activities, all that may affect the likelihood of income in small or medium equivalents. We cannot guarantee the receipt of exactly the same earnings as other persons receive. All risks of non-receipt of income you assume. 8. Labor, business, entrepreneurial activity through the Internet, carried out with the purpose of generating income and profits, is associated with various risks. When deciding to engage in a similar type of activity on the basis of any information contained on this Site and directly relates to our services that we provide on this Site, you must take into account possible moments of non-receipt of profit or acceptance of some possible losses. 9. All information on this Site is placed for educational and informational purposes, so you need to use them thoughtfully, with precautionary measures and drawing on the experience of professional mentors or coaches. Before starting any business, based on the information provided, get advice from a lawyer and accountant, as well as a marketing professional. 10. Visitors to this Site, users of products or services rely on their experience, common sense, and fully rely on their strength, making the decision to engage in Internet business or any other type of business. All information products and information pass through the assessment of qualified persons by independent examination. Products and information posted on this Site should be carefully analyzed, assessed before a decision is made to do business. 11. If you receive any income, you are also solely responsible to the laws of your country of residence, as well as to tax laws, including your responsibility to formalize business activities in accordance with the law of your country. Also, if it is provided for by the Law of your country, you must legally conduct your business and pay taxes. 12. This document states that you give your consent to the fact that this Site does not bear any responsibility (material, physical, etc.) for your decisions regarding income, profits, business methods, training products center, services provided or other materials that are posted on this Site: text, audio and video information. Also, this Site is not responsible for any of your actions on this Site! 13. We remind you, this Site is for informational purposes only! Any payment or payment of funds on this Site is made for receipt of information and fact-finding materials after all necessary and foreseen by the developers of the resource resource payments. After completing all necessary payments, you will receive informational material for further independent work on the Internet without technical and any other support from the administration of this Site. 14. Under no circumstances will the Administration of this Site and other Administration Sites owned by the administration of intellectual property be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other indirect damage resulting from any use of the information on this Site or on any other Site that has a hyperlink from this Site, the emergence of dependence, decrease in productivity, dismissal or interruption of labor activity, as well as deductions from ebnyh institutions, for any loss of profit, property damage, pecuniary damage, maralno damage, suspension of business, loss of programs or data in your information systems or otherwise, arising in connection with your access, use or inability to use the Site. 15. The Site Administration at any time has the right to make changes to the Rules, which take effect immediately. Continued use of this Site after making changes means your automatic acceptance of compliance with the new rules. Contact us to contact customer support: